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Atlântica News 057 (Mar 2016)

Aseptic pasteurized açai pulp
Peanut crop should be lower than the 2015
Orange: The future’s big question mark

Atlântica News 056 (Feb 2016)

A month to the ending season
Peanut: Indicative for 2016
Anticipating the demands for the tomato crop
Grape harvest - The worst disaster in 70 years

Atlântica News 055 (Nov 2015)

FCOJ and by products: high side moving
Grape sector concerned about the recent storms
Start-up of the new corn processing unit
Atlântica Foods presence at the Juice Summit, Anuga and Gulfood Manufacturing Events

Atlântica News 054 (Sep 2015)

Orange market under pressure: a step to be clear?
Nuts & Dried Fruits’ portfolio has now new products!
Tomato paste market remains firm

Atlântica News 053 (Jul 2015)

New corn product
FCOJ new season
Red grape juice, excellent for health!

Atlântica News 052 (May 2015)

Brazilian tomato crop in 2015
Juice industry betting life quality
FCOJ - guarantee your quick shipments

Atlântica News 051 (Mar 2015)

Perola pineapple: a challenge for 2015
Brazilian orange processing season 2014/2015 is over
Pink guava and mango purees: ending season in Brazil
Red grape: increases confirmed

Atlântica News 050 (Jan 2015)

Tahiti lime: season to start
Officially openned Brazilian red grape season
FCOJ: ending season with still lack of water
Pineapple Concentrate – market keeps firm

Atlântica News 049 (Dec 2014)

New destination: FCOJ to USA
Brazilian institute indicates a greater 2015 peanut crop
Gulfood Manufacturing Fair

Atlântica News 048 (Nov 2014)

Expectations for the 2015 Brazilian red grape harvest
Warning for the next orange crop
Peanut new exports destination
Cashew juice: immediate availability

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