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Atlântica News 047 (Sep 2014)

Concerns with the next peanut crop due to the lack of rain in the State of São Paulo
FCOJ – a new surprise box
Sorgatto Alimentos - tomato puree

Atlântica News 046 (Jul 2014)

Beginning of the Brazilian tomato harvest for industrial use
NFC orange juice: here you will find a good quality product
Tahiti lime: real end of season
How about a juice with pieces of fruit?

Atlântica News 045 (May 2014)

New orange season: finally starting
Tahiti lime: high dispute for the fruit
Tomato, the villain of inflation
Peanut prices will remain steady

Atlântica News 044 (Mar 2014)

Orange season asking for help, now for rains
Peanut crop damaged by drought
Uncertainties in the red grape harvest
Acid lime tahiti juice concentrate – small volume available

Atlântica News 043 (Jan 2014)

Orange: 13/14 season comes to a close
Red Grape minimum price rises more than 10%
Gulfood Fair

Atlântica News 042 (Nov 2013)

Market Tomato - Significant changes!
Orange season ending
NFC Orange Juice: new item!
Good expectations for the new red grape harvest

Atlântica News 041 (Sep 2013)

Pink guava: expectations on back thinking’s time
Coconut Water – Health in the box!
Want to know the latest news about FCOJ? Come and see us during ANUGA exhibition!

Atlântica News 040 (Jul 2013)

FCOJ: Season to start, not start
Are you looking for good quality Tommy Atkins mango? Contact us!
High peanut sales in the Brazilian domestic market
Signed the law that creates FUNCAJU

Atlântica News 039 (May 2013)

FCOJ - new season arriving
Peanut: Brazilian industry prepared to export even more
Canadian market: too much options!
Mango – Tommy Atkins availability: guarantee yours!

Atlântica News 038 (Mar 2013)

Good prospects for the Brazilian peanut harvest
Orange: much more than a season reduction
Mango – Tommy Atkins availability
Doubts regarding 2013 red grape crop
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