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Atlântica News 037 (Jan 2013)

Concerns about the peach crop
Red grape juice: Brazilian preparing for the new season

Atlântica News 036 (Nov 2012)

Orange: such small fruit now!
Bad news regarding Chinese tomato crop 2012
General panorama of fruits in São Paulo with no rain for a long time!

Atlântica News 035 (Oct 2012)

FCOJ: forecast
Mango – Tommy Atkins availability
Inauguration of new Coplana’s unit
Final Chinese tomato crop is not optimistic

Atlântica News 034 (Jul 2012)

Mango: ready to ship!
2012 tomato crop complicated, producers indicate
New season: take a look on FCOJ and orange oil

Atlântica News 033 (May 2012)

Uncertainties rule over the next Chinese tomato crop
Excellent color content red grape juice
São Paulo’s peanuts harvest ends in May

Atlântica News 032 (Mar 2012)

Orange: month by month
2012 Red grape Harvest: Excellent quality
Uncertainties on peanut harvest

Atlântica News 031 (Jan 2012)

Good news about Brazilian pineapple juice supply
Cashew crop damaged by powdery mildew
Uncertainties about the 2012 red grape harvest
Frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ)

Atlântica News 030 (Nov 2011)

Acid lime juice
Stability in the 2011 tomato crop
FCOJ - forecast
Superfruits: guarana, acai, acerola, watermelon juice, melon juice, cashew juice

Atlântica News 029 (Sep 2011)

Top of cashew crop
Orange: everybody wants to know!
Pineapple: decide for this fruit
Alert on tomato crop

Atlântica News 028 (Aug 2011)

Orange: delayed season and low ratios until now
Peanut crop forecast
Acerola : season time
Organic tomato paste
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