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Atlântica News 017 (Sep 2009)

Passion Fruit: adjustment only for the next crop
FCOJ - today and future
The imports of tomato pulp is already a reality
New product: Guarana

Atlântica News 016 (Jul 2009)

Market awaiting for passion fruit news
Worries about the 2009 Brazilian tomato crop
Olives: tendency for the Brazilian market
Sugar: keep an eye on the opportunities

Atlântica News 015 (May 2009)

Uncertainties about the Brazilian harvest of tomatoes
Pink Guava: Winter is coming
Paletizzed FCOJ: Now available!
The end of Brazilian cashew nut harvest 

Atlântica News 014 (Mar 2009)

Tomato’s new crop: Expectations!
FCOJ: Last quantities
2009’s grape crop: Closing.

Atlântica News 013 (Feb 2009)

It is acerola's time!
Mango Palmer season
Peach, the fruit of youth

Atlântica News 012 (Feb 2009)

Mango: crop
Orange Oil
FCOJ: crop
Sugar: The season in a nutshell

Atlântica News 011 (Nov 2008)

Frozen concentrated red grape juice: attention on 2009’s crop! 
Cashew nut: still big demand
Mango new crop
Sugar: it's time to buy

Atlântica News 010 (Sep 2008)

Tomato market turbulence
Mango: Ready to firm deals
FCOJ: yellow light turned on
Acerola: crop started

Atlântica News 009 (Jul 2008)

Expectations of the 2008 harvest of orange
Prospects sugar
Brazilian Tomate crop starts with  little availability
Olives: high demand

Atlântica News 008 (May 2008)

Pineapple: severe lack of fresh fruit afects the market
Mango: new volumes
Pink guava availability  
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